Luxury Bus



Ankai 49+1+1 seat 12m Luxury Long Distance Business and Tourism Bus (HFF6120A12)

1. active and passive safety protection
2. energy saving, low fuel consumption
3. excellent comfortability
4. humanistic design
5. anticorrosion technology

The A9 bus is Ankai's masterpiece in the field of luxury passenger cars. The overall shape is elegant and atmospheric. As a high-quality model that Ankai is developing, the A9 adopts a unique full-load patented body and front impact protection structure to maximize the protection of drivers and passengers. It combines the leading technical advantages of lightweight, and the overall vehicle quality is about 8% lighter than similar models, combined with the gold power chain, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is lower than 5% of similar products, greatly improving the economics of operation.
In addition, the car also adopts the third-generation in-vehicle environment management system patented by Ankai, which can keep the air inside the car comfortable and fresh. The double A-arm independent air suspension can reduce bumps and ensure smoother operation. Comfortable.