车型 Model:  HFC5251GJBKR1LT                                                                驱动形式 Drive mode:  6×4     


    主要技术参 数Main technical parameters


    尺寸参数Size Parameter

    外型尺寸 Overall dimension:(L×W×H) (mm)9185×2495×3900     轴距 Wheelbase(mm)3690+1350                            
    轮距(前/后)Front Tread/Rear Tread (mm)2040/1900
    悬长(前/后)FF/AF (mm): 1495/2650

    质量参数Quality Parameters

    额定总质量GVW(Kg): 25000

    整车整备质量 Curb Weight(Kg): 13145

    额定载质量 Rated load (kg): 11855                   


    性能参数 Performance Parameters

    最高车速 Max speed(Km/h):  85
    最大爬坡度 Maximum Gradeability(%): 50

    最小转弯半径 Radius of turning (m): 8


    主配置 Main Configuration

    驾驶室 Cab
    型式 Type: Half height
    座椅 Seat: air seat

    发动机防护罩 Engine guard:  标配Standard                                                空调AC: 标配Standard                                                                         

    电动玻璃 Electric glass: 标配Standard

    MP3: 标配Standard

    驾驶室支撑形式 Cabin suspension: 2 springs in front and 2 springs in rear

    电控翻转 Electronic control flip: 选装 optional

    副驾驶遮阳板 Copilot visor: 标配Standard

    散热器保护架 Radiator protection frame: 标配 Standard


    车身附件 Body accessories
    工具箱 Tool box: 标配Standard


    发动机 Engine

    品牌 Brand: WEICHAI

    型号 Model: WP10.340E32

    排放水平 Emission levels: E-Ⅲ

    额定功率/转速 Max output power (hp/rpm): 340/2200

    最大扭矩/转速 Max torque(N•m/rpm): 1350/1200-1600

    排量 Displacement (cc): 9726

    油泵 Oil pump: Domestic


    离合器 Clutch

    形式 Mode: 单片,干式,膜片弹簧式

                        Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring

    规格 Specification: Φ430


    变速箱 Transmission 

    型号 Mode: 10JSD140T

    品牌 Brand:  FAST

    档位排布形式 Gear position: RH/RL 7/2 9/4

                                                      6/1 8/3 10/5

    速比 Gear ratio: 14.86/1.00

    前桥 Front axle

    形式 Modle: "Ⅰ"style break face
    最大承载能力 Maximum capacity(Kg): 6500

    后桥 Rear axle

    形式  Mode: Ankai 457
    速比 Ratio: 4.875、5.286

    最大承载能力 Maximum capacity (Kg): 16000


    传动轴 Driveshaft

    规格 Specification: Φ130×6


    转向 Steering

    形式 Type: 动力转向配BOSCH转向器

                       Power steering with BOSCH Steering gear

    供油 Oil

    油箱材质 Fuel tank material: 标配铁 iron,选装铝合金 Aluminum alloy

    油箱容量 Fuel tank capacity (L): 400

    制动 Brake

    形式 Type: 双回路气制动Dual-circuit air brake

    ABS: 标配Standard

    ASR: 标配Standard


    轮胎 Tire

    型号 Model: 12.00R20


    悬架 (前/后) Suspension

    形式 Type: parapolic leaf spring 10\12
    前桥稳定杆 Front axle stabilizer bar: 标配Standard


    电气 Electrical System
    蓄电池 Batteries: 12 volt-140Ah×2

    发电机 Alternator: 24 volt / 70 amp

    起动机 Starter: 24 volt / 5.4KW             
    行车记录仪 Tachograph: 标配Standard                                                                                       

    上装Refitted Part
    1. Mixing tank volume: 8m³

    2. Reducer: ZF/P4300
    3. Hydraulic motor: Eaton / 5433
    4. Hydraulic pump: Eaton /5423
    5. Water tank volume: 450L
    6. with dry mix function 


    • MIXER: economical, high reliability, the chassis can be converted into 8~12m3 mixing tanks, the mixer tank parameters can be customized according to customer needs, this quotation is for the main sales 8m3 mixer.



    All of the chassis components have undergone CAE finite element analysis to ensure the chassis strength. The strong chassis ensures security under high loading and fast speed working conditions. 


    The Steyr-technology Weichai engines, power output ranges from 260hp-430hp, good fuel economy and low operating cost; EVB exhaust-valve-braking system with MAN proprietary technology; high braking efficiency and lower fuel consumption contribute to lower operating cost. 


    JAC heavy-duty trucking customers have found that they offer impressive fuel economy. Depending on load, road and driving style, it may be the best choice. Aerodynamic design feature, streamlined shape and curved surface contribute to less air drag and better fuel economy.


    Four-point cab air suspension system can effectively reduce poor road condition's impact on the driver and passengers during driving. 


    Optimized design of rear axle suspension based on mature and reliable Steyre rear axle suspension structure, wityh reinforced front and rear leaf spring, which ensures the high loading capacity of the whoe vehicle. 


    For maintaining outstanding performance in different environments and temperatures, JAC heavy trucks have beeb modified for alpine areas, high temperature regions, low temperature regions and desert areas.


    Various customized designs for different using conditions make sure that the products can withstand highland, harsh road , sandy area and extreme temperature.


    • Engine block heater - ensure instant heating of the cab after engine starting up, no need of 30-minute waiting the cab to get warm; improve engine combustion after engine starting up (in the initial thirty minutes);
    • Hose and wiring route- nice styling, good assembly work 
    • Highly efficient radiator - endurance of extreme temperature 
    • Entry and egress treadboard- userfriendly anti-slide, anti-corrosion
    • Radiator protector- withstand stone impact, better protection
    • Digital tachograph- monitor the driving process; improve the driving habit; avoid fatigue driving
    • Lamp protector- protect lamps from external force impact 
    • Fuel Tank - aluminium alloy fuel tank - 400L volume 
    • Oil-bath air filtering system - desert air intake system with oil bath; clean air intake under stringent and hard working condition; engine operation protection. 
    • Big-size water/fuel seperator- fuel heating device (optional)

    • SPACIOUS CAB -  a spacious working place for driver; relaxing atmosphere 
    • DASHBOARD- new fashion style; ergonomic, user friendly and well-reaching feature; minimum distraction, car ambience; less driving fatigue
    • CAR SPIRAL SPRING SUSPENSION- vibration reduced, driver health protection, longer driving hours

    The three core components, engine, transmission and rear-axle are selected from international or domestic brands, so that their reliable quality and optimized matching establish the most economical, efficient and high-end product platform for different using demands. 

    • Emission Levels: Euro II - Euro III
    • Horse Power: 290-420HP